Friday, December 4, 2009

More Naked Beauties For You # 3 ( A Christmas Edition)

            This week's Hottie is Realiti!  I am very excited to have this ultra sexy babe on my blog!  She is a little different from the rest of the beauties, but to me, this makes her the hottest!   She has lots of tattoos and piercings, this being paired with her dark hair, is what the rockers are talking about when they say "Rock N Roll dreams come true! Hahaha!  From head to toe this babe's body is definitely rockin!  

      She is a housewife and mother of three!  Living in a small town in South Carolina, she enjoys sharing her wild side with everyone here on the web!  She was born October 27th 1976.  She is 5'2", 128 lbs, and has 38 DD chest!  WOW! Got to love them big hooters!  You can find Realiti on 2 websites, Dreamnet and Southern Charms.   You can also find her on Twitter, and she has a blog you can follow, so you can learn more about her at anytime!   So why don't you head over the now and check her out!

That is all for today!  Have a Great weekend!  I will be back on Monday to tell you about my weekend, and add a new Christmas Contest! 


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